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we have to help our system to get rid get rid of the overweigth and body mass in the most effective and correct way. the natural way,  that is way Medicin Alternativa USA created  Super Silueta . this formula stimulated the intestines  to have  a better digestive performance, and you will have a better system evacuations, and in consequence you will see you abdome talking a more flat form. It also  stimulate the excretory system to evacuate more liquids from your system . aand in this manner you will lose weigth  do to liquid  detention,  if you take super silueta and  stay constant to it, in a very short period of time you will see the difference, in weigth loose and sizes reduction, super silueta you allied to lose weigth and stay healthy, costipation , water retention, slow metabolism, inflamed stomach, fat accumulation and stimulate lazy bowels, super silueta  is the best way to lose weigth. it helps with problems such as constiption, appetite control and helaps dissolve fat. it also works  as a diuretic , it has no known side effects : our qualitycontrol seal approval support IT,


Costipation, reduce appetite, Eliminates fat, Is diuretic  It has no side effects the seal of quality control support it.


cassia rigidula, Papaya, Sacred baark, Ghubarb, Seaweed, Jamaica, Apple pectin, Spiruline, Aloe Vera, Paatented Mix and gelatin Capsules 




la manera mas adecuada para perder peso , ayuda en problemasde estreñimiento, Reduce el apetito, ayuda a expulsar grasas y es diuretico,  no tiene efectos secundarios , el selo del control de calidad los respalda .


Ayuda  con el estreñimiento, Reduce el apetito, Expulsa grasas,es diuretico, regula el metabolismo , inflamacion de estomago, no tiene efectos secundarios el sello de control de calidad lo respalda.


Acasia ridigula, Papaya, Cascara sagrada, Ruibarbo, Algas Marinas, Jamaica, pectina de manzana, Espirulina, Savila Mezcla patentada y capsulas de gelatina 










*** these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA ,this product  is not intented to diagnose ,treat,cure or prevent any disease*** 





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